GoettenMar Apartments Playa de Aro

  • Vacationing in Playa de Aro

    The Mediterranen at your feet.

    Enjoy a breath of peace and tranquility amidst the natural world, in a privileged location, but still close to the active life of Platja D'Aro.

    Our apartment complex consists of five buildings, cloistered together and situated within two blocks from the beach and only about 400 meters from the city center.

  • A Family Enterprise

    Apartments Goetten means 50 years in the tranquility of Playa de Aro: But, it is also a story of love and respect for the beauty of this vacation dream, which the Goetten brothers, Erich and Kurt, brought to fruition in 1962 with the construction of the first apartment buildings.

    The dynamics of GoettenMar's family roots, create - still to this day - a uniquely amicable and pleasant environment for a relaxing vacation, be it for a few weeks or only for a few days.

  • Restaurant

    Whether indoors or on our spacious terrace, our Bistro ChiaraMar always provides a pleasant setting for groups, families, or the romantic dinner for two. Come and enjoy a coffee in the morning with croissant, a classic aperétif after a refreshing splash at the beach, or one of our splendid cocktails at night during the evenign breeze.

  • Outside View Building PiaMar Garden
  • Entrance to Courtyard of Complex
  • View onto BarbaraMar
  • Outside View of CarolinaMar Balconys of the holiday apartments
  • Terrace Restaurant ChiaraMar with flowers

Goetten Apartamentos S.L.
Hotel Code: ATG-000091